Women’s Missionary Council

The Women’s Missionary Council is part of the Assembly of God Church and operates in harmony with the Church through intercessory prayer, evangelism, charitable works and missions.  Evangelism and discipleship have always been foundational objectives of this Ministry.

Women’s Ministry gives women unlimited opportunities to serve and centres on meeting the spiritual needs of Christian women and helping them to grow in their faith.Women’s Ministry exists not only to serve women but also to train women to minister to others. It is action based on living a Godly life. Women’s Ministry educates and inspires women and connects women with outreach opportunities as well as forming intercessory prayer groups to pray for the church and its many prayer requests.The Women’s Ministry also finds practical ways to provide support to the church.  Women’s Ministry’s primary goal is to assemble the women of the church to share time and grow in their spiritual knowledge and love of God.

In Biblical times, there were strong women like Sarah, Deborah, Ruth & Esther who ruled and built the house of Israel (Ruth 4:11). In New Testament church there were women such as Mary, Martha, Priscilla, Phebe & Persis who had strong influence on the development of the early church.

Our ladies group meets 3rd and 4th Saturday of every month Currently we have around 50 members and the meetings are conducted at the residences of the members or the First ag church prayer hall as per a schedule. We support mission work in India with our tithes and offerings. In our meetings we have intercessory prayer time during which we intercede for different prayer requests received from various members and the church at large.  It has been wonderful and very encouraging later to listen to the testimony of the many deliverances or answers to our prayers from our members. This keeps our women’s ministry strong in the Lord. If you have any prayer requests kindly post it in our website.

As a group we submit ourselves to God and thank Him for the unity and strength He has given us